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Scroll down to get a brief intro on everyone involved in Generation Gap Entertainment!


Randy Lundi


A cappella gospel, musical theater, harmony choirs and national anthem performer

(Ashtabula, OH)

Randy is the founder and director of the group. As a very young boy he jumped right into the family singing and entertainment tradition.  Dad was a bass, Mom was an alto "lamp shade O SOLE MIO" singer, and Uncle Butch was a bellowing baritone.  Randy sings leads, is the group's "front" man, occasionally plays a trumpet line and sings tenor harmonies.  From Ashtabula, OH he is a decorated veteran officer of the U.S. Army Nurse Corps.


Jocelynne Isaacs

Musical Theater Performer

(Salem, OH)

Jocelynne started performing as a musician at the age of 4 when she debuted in A Christmas Carol at her community theater. From then on, she grew up in the theater and has a strong musical theater background. From performing at community theaters to show choir to high school theater, she involved herself in any aspect of theater that she could.  In addition to being a trained vocal performer, she also plays a variety of instruments including: trumpet, french horn, piano, baritone, sousaphone, and percussion. Before moving to Florida, Jocelynne performed in a Pink Floyd tribute band where she served as the main female vocalist. She spends her weekends as a Worship Lead with Anchor MSC in Boynton Beach. With a variety of music and genre leads, Jocelynne amazes every venue!

Stacy Photo.jpg

Stacy Jo Coffee-Thorne

Contemporary Christian and musical theater performer

(Salem, OH)

Stacy started performing as a musician at an early age. She has acted in and directed many theater productions. She taught as a private music instructor for many years. During this time, she taught voice, piano, trumpet, flute, clarinet, and drums. One of her students even went on to perform at Disney. Throughout her years of performing, Stacy has also served on the praise team at her church in Ohio and Florida. Stacy is very talented and has helped bring the group to the next level.

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Mark Pelletier

Rock and Motown

(New York, NY)

Mark is a professional vocalist and started singing at the early age of five. Early influences are from the smooth voices of the Rat Pack, Motown, Classic Rock, R&B, Harry Belafonte, Marvin Gaye, Al Green and Michael Jackson as well as the rock in rollers from Steve Perry/Journey, Doobie Brothers, Led Zeppelin to the Beatles. First lead vocals were a Beatles cover band in high school. Mark did not seek a career in music although prompted by many from an early age. It would not be until 1996 when he would join a church worship band in South Florida that he started what has now been 26 years of leading worship including a most recent 13 year stint with a Mega Church worshiping for live audiences every month over 8,000 and on-line/TV upwards of 100,000. From 2005 to 2015 performed for audiences in a classic rock cover band he formed. In 2012 Mark won an American Idol Experience against four hundred others in Orlando, Florida signing the classic R& B song One Hundred Ways, by James Ingram and was asked to record for one of the couches. Since 2014 he has led three different Tribute Bands, a Steely Dan, Sting/Fleetwood Mac and Chicago Tribute. Mark has a wide vocal range with a pretty formidable and smooth upper register. Described as a having a soulful voice for a white boy, Mark displays the power, range, tone and soul to lead and loves to see people have fun.


Denny Artache

Rock and Motown

(New York, NY)

Denny Artache was the lead singer lead guitarist for Iron Butterfly in the 90’s when he lived in Los Angeles. He has recorded and toured with musicians from Three Dog Night and has played along with many famous acts like Mickey Dolenz and Davey Jones from The Monkees, Dennis Yost from The Classics four, Rare Earth, Steppenwolf, Badfinger, Eric Burdon and The Animals, Reo Speedwagon, Night Ranger and many others. He plays throughout south florida in many venues as a solo artist, The Denny Artache Band and All about Carlos a Santana Tribute Band. Denny was also a semi finalist at The IBC in Memphis in 2020.

image000000 2.jpg

"Magic Mic McGann" (JROTC)

(West Palm Beach, FL)

Mike McGann is a popular radio personality on Legends 100.3 FM. He is a sought-after event host & emcee, singer, motivational speaker, voice-over artist, actor and most importantly, a very proud father.  His “gift of gab” helps raise awareness for various charitable organizations in South Florida,  and he serves on the Board of Directors for several local nonprofits.

"Magic" Mic has always wanted to do a gig with the OFFICERS AND GENTLEMEN and we felt likewise. From the moment we were on stage together we knew this was not going to be a one and done. Mic is not a veteran but his service to the community, many charities, the radio industry with much of which is gratis volunteer work, the OFFICERS AND GENTLEMEN decided to "swear him in" as our aspiring Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) with the honorary rank of The Crooning Cadet....welcome Mic!

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