Randy Lundi


A cappella gospel, off-Broadway, harmony choirs and national anthem performer

(Ashtabula, OH)

Randy is the founder and director of the group. As a very young boy he jumped right in to the family singing and entertainment tradition.  Dad was a bass, Mom was an alto "lamp shade O SOLE MIO" singer, and Uncle Butch was a bellowing baritone.  Randy sings leads, is the group's "front" man, occasionally plays a trumpet line and sings tenor harmonies.  From Ashtabula, OH he is a decorated veteran officer of the U.S. Army Nurse Corps.

Jeff Kidwell

Elvis Tribute Artist 

National Anthem performer for MLB “all Elvis, all of the time”

(Boston, MA)

As the group has morphed over the years with people and group names coming and going, Jeff has been the anchor and comedian of the group.  To date Jeff has performed the National Anthem over 150 times, mostly for Major League Baseball and its affiliates.  Jeff is the group's Elvis Tribute Artist.  His hometown roots are the greater Boston area and is the group's resident Ivy League graduate.  Jeff handles all the group's complicated and thinking issues!

Dr. Michael Chimes


​From the family of famous harmonica recordings for Frankie Valli and Tony Orlando


Affectionately referred to as "Mikey", Dr. Chimes provides our much-appreciated baritone harmonies.  In addition to his vocals Mikey grew up playing harmonica with his father and brothers.  His father played harmonica for studio recordings for Stevie Wonder, Frankie Valli and several other golden artists.  Mike is a retired chiropractor who is originally from the greater New York City metropolitan area.  When we sing DISCO Mikey is our 70's guy!

Stacy Jo Coffee-Thorne


Contemporary Christian (featured platform singer) and off-Broadway performer

(Youngstown, OH)

Several years ago Stacy approached the group and asked why we didn't have any "DOLLS" singing?  So we invited her to join us for a Christmas performance and BOOM....she has been with us every since!  An amazing mezza talent from Salem, OH, Stacy sings many leads and harmonies.  Stacy remains active with singing on the praise and worship team at her church.  Stacy is part of our Mother-Daughter team, and everyone can see how the talent stayed in the family!

Joselyn Isaacs

Joselyn is the daughter of Stacy bringing her soprano talent to the group.  What a variety of music and genre leads she amazes the venue with!  And for a special treat Mom and Daughter, Stacy and Joselyn, do some great harmony duet leads with the "GUYS" providing 3 part harmony behind them.  True to the group's name, Joselyn is the group's succeeding generation providing youth, talent, and pop/contemporary song suggestions as we ever expand our library.

Mitch Austin

Every group needs a tall, blonde-haired (it's silver now), blue-eyed, handsome surfer boy so we got Mitch!  Mitch provides great leads most notably on Eagles, Engelbert and country music songs also providing tenor and baritone harmonies.  Mitch grew up in central north Florida and works in law enforcement at the Palm Beach Sheriff 's office.

Jimmy R the "Singing Sailor"

Jim is a gracious "fill in" performer and always available when we ask him.  Jim is a retired Navy Commander (GO ARMY beat navy) who now works for a Florida Sheriff's association foundation.  He is a very successful and sought-after solo performer known as the "Singing Sailor"!  Jim is extremely versatile singing leads and harmonies, whatever is needed! Every group who wants to make it big needs a "Jersey boy", and Jim brings that notoriety to the group!