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Scroll down to get a brief intro on everyone involved in Not Sisters!


Jocelynne Isaacs

Musical Theater Performer

(Salem, OH)

Jocelynne started performing as a musician at the age of 4 when she debuted in A Christmas Carol at her community theater. From then on, she grew up in the theater and has a strong musical theater background. From performing at community theaters to show choir to high school theater, she involved herself in any aspect of theater that she could.  In addition to being a trained vocal performer, she also plays a variety of instruments including: trumpet, french horn, piano, baritone, sousaphone, and percussion. Before moving to Florida, Jocelynne performed in a Pink Floyd tribute band where she served as the main female vocalist. She spends her weekends as a Worship Lead with Anchor MSC in Boynton Beach. With a variety of music and genre leads, Jocelynne amazes every venue!

Stacy Photo.jpg

Stacy Jo Coffee-Thorne

Contemporary Christian and musical theater performer

(Salem, OH)

Stacy started performing as a musician at an early age. She has acted in and directed many theater productions. She taught as a private music instructor for many years. During this time, she taught voice, piano, trumpet, flute, clarinet, and drums. One of her students even went on to perform at Disney. Throughout her years of performing, Stacy has also served on the praise team at her church in Ohio and Florida. Stacy is very talented and has helped bring the group to the next level.

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